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Gerard Blok & Tjibbe Steenstra joins Gpi as COO and CFO

Gerard Blok has been appointed as chief operations officer (COO) and Tjibbe Steenstra as chief financial officer (CFO) of Gpi Group. With the appointments,...

Innocent builds a de Blender plant in Rotterdam

Innocent is currently building a brand new carbon-neutral production plant in Rotterdam: de Blender. Construction of the new factory has necessitated the supply of stainless steel tanks for bulk storage of fluids, such as orange juice, apple juice and water.

Gpi receives an order for stainless steel storage tanks

To expand storage capacity at Botlek, Gpi has received an order from Maastank for nine stainless steel storage tanks with a total capacity of 16,700m3.

Gpi launches Gpi Tanks XL for large-scale tanks

In 2020, the Gpi Group launched Gpi Tanks XL, a new operating company specializing in the sale and production of stainless steel storage tanks which have a capacity of 500 cubic metres or more.

Gpi expands further within Europe

Following the construction of a new production plant and offices, the Dutch tank construction company Gpi now has additional capacity to grow and expand further within Europe.

Gpi delivers 4 stainless steel tanks for Steam Project

Gpi Tanks engineered and manufactured four stainless steel tanks for a major Steam Project. This steam technology is an extension to their plant where chemicals are produced for the purpose of clothing, furniture, household products, and construction materials.

Next chapter in Sycamore and GPI partnership

After a successful year of partnership, Sycamore are excited to announce the appointment of Rolands Blezurs as the new representative for Gpi Tanks in the UK and Ireland.

Duplex ideal material for 7300 m3 demineralized water tank

Duplex is increasingly being specified for the construction of industrial tanks. Recently the Dutch fabricator Gpi constructed a 7300m3 capacity duplex tank designed to EN 14015, the European norm for flat-bottomed tanks.

Stainless water tanks for ultramodern diving school

Gpi recently had the honour of supplying two large stainless steel water tanks for a very unusual project. The tanks will be used at a dive training school in the Netherlands. The Dutch tank fabricator shared some insights into this challenging project.

Dr. Martin Hölz takes over as new CIO

Dr. Martin Hölz will soon take over as head of the corporate function Group Processes & Information Technology (GPI) at thyssenkrupp, effective July 1, 2016.