Tag: food and drink

Miniature SS data loggers

Signatrol is introducing its SL50 series of miniature stainless steel temperature data loggers.

Harder stainless steel

Tanaka Limited of Osaka, Japan, has developed a plasma carburisation treatment that hardens the surface of austenitic stainless steel nuts and bolts.

New hydrostatic pressure transmitter

The new ED 752 from Bourdon-Haenni is specifically designed to meet the needs of hygienic applications encountered in the food and beverage industries in addition to general engineering applications

Steam trap station cuts maintenance costs

An all-in-one steam trap station that helps cut installation and maintenance costs and simplifies the selection of components has been launched by Spirax Sarco STS17.

A weld of difference

Axium Process is offering a rapid turnaround fabrication service for companies requiring high-quality stainless steel components and assemblies built to their own specification.

Flowmeters overcome technology limitations

Krohne has introduced Optimass, a new family of Coriolis mass flowmeters, in a bid to overcome previous limitations in technology and opens up a wide range of metering opportunities.

Pumps put the fizz into pop

Willis Europlant, a supplier of bottling and packaging equipment to the food and drink, pharmaceutical and dairy industries, has specified Netzsch SHF hygienic pumps for its range of carbonating and premix machines.

Budget flowmeter fit for food and drink

The high accuracy and high reliability of Coriolis technology is now available at a low cost Micro Motion, a division of Emerson Process Management, has announced the first and only low-cost Coriolis meter that is both EHEDG certified and 3-A authorised.

Soybean crushing

Cenex Harvest States Cooperatives (St Paul, Minnesota, USA) and its grain division Harvest States has initiated construction of a new soybean crushing plant in Fairmont, Minnesota.

Foods plant in Louisiana

Al Copeland Investments, a privately held corporation and its division Diversified Foods & Seasonings Incorporated (Metairie, Louisiana) is constructing a new plant in Madisonville, Louisiana.