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Litre Meter revamps VFF range

Litre Meter has re-designed its popular VFF range of positive displacement flowmeters. The new range of meters is suitable for low and high viscosity liquids at pressure ratings from 414 bar right up to 4,000 bar (60,000 psi). Charles Wemyss, CEO of Litre Meter, said: “The VFF series developed by Litre Meter has been distilled into one series to meet the specific requirements of chemical injection flowmetering.” Specifying the right meter for a system is easier with a new VFF meter software, a step-by-step builder that takes the user through all the meter options available.

Sensing solutions suit wastewater

A range of liquid level sensors, flow sensors and flow meters has been developed for wastewater, water treatment and cleaning systems by Gentech International.

Flowmeters overcome technology limitations

Krohne has introduced Optimass, a new family of Coriolis mass flowmeters, in a bid to overcome previous limitations in technology and opens up a wide range of metering opportunities.

Flowmeter clearly keeps wine on the list

Alfa Laval Wine makers around Europe can drink a toast to the clear advantages of reliability and low maintenance offered by Krohne's H250 flowmeter which plays a key role in centrifuges used to clarify their wine.