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Water and the circular economy

The violent contrasts between dry and wet weather of recent months have laid bare the urgent need to build, maintain and upgrade water management infrastructure.

Piedmont secures 13 new orders worth USD 9.3M

H2O Innovation Inc. (H2O Innovation) announced that its Piedmont business line has secured 13 new orders for fiber glass reinforced (FRP) cartridge filter housings,...

Sulzer delivers 289 pumps for a desalination project

Sulzer’s advanced global engineering and manufacturing network has enabled the company to build, deliver, and commission 289 high-efficiency desalination pumps to allow construction of the multiple sites in just 18 months.

“Them thar rocks”: shale gas holds its own in a difficult...

Despite the dip in oil and gas prices, things are going remarkably well in the shale gas sector. Although there have been layoffs and bankruptcies, the demand for natural gas is increasing, and this rising tide is lifting shale in North America and other countries throughout the world. New technologies make the sector more competitive, which is good news for all suppliers to the sector and will stimulate related industries such as water treatment and desalination.

Controlling corrosion in Saudi Arabia’s desalination plants

In Saudi Arabia desalination fulfills the most basic need for humanity, providing clean, safe water. The many plants constructed along the eastern and western coasts literally pump life into this arid country. Keeping these plants running and tackling the inevitable corrosion issues that arise from processing seawater is the responsibility of the corrosion department within the Desalination Technologies Research Institute (DTRI).

Sea change: as costs subside, the world relies more on desalination...

In the last few years the world has been increasingly relying on desalination for its drinking and industrial water. The stick is the danger that any already critical water shortage caused by drought and global warming will get worse. The carrot is the provision of more water in parched areas thanks to significant progress towards making desalination more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Duplex expansion: obstacles & opportunities

In an article for Stainless Steel World James Chater explained that duplex grades represent a growing sector within the stainless steel industry. However obstacles to its greater use persist, particularly the limited availability of product forms. Oil & gas and desalination are the two industries that consume the largest amount of duplex. Other industries where use may be growing are architecture and transport.

The Australian experience of desalination

As climate science points to drier years to come, many across the planet are adjusting their traditional expectations of water supplies.

How titanium is helping to quench thirst.

Many years ago, I met an engineer who started discussing his work with pipelines in Saudi Arabia. My first (naïve) thought was that this referred to an oil or gas pipeline. However, the assumption was way off the mark, for this gentleman was employed by the water sector.