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Featured Story – Titanium, aerospace and 3D printing: the “ménage à...

If there is one market for CRAs that is bristling with invention and creativity, it is the aerospace industry. Attempts to make air travel more efficient and more comfortable are bearing fruit thanks to notable advances in manufacturing, including robotics and especially 3D printing. Significant developments include the introduction of electric aeroplanes, especially for short journeys; new aircraft designs; the proliferation of drones; and growth of the space sector.

Forth Welding & Cladding Services

Scottish company Forth Tool & Valve Ltd (FTV) has re-entered the weld cladding industry with the recent opening of Forth Welding & Cladding Services (FWC).

Fast track delivery for CRA-clad valves

L&N have announced that its new, fully automated pulse TIG cladding station is now up and running in Aberdeen, UK.