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Cross plunger rings designed for die casting machines

Cross plunger rings are specifically designed and engineered for die casting machines working with a wide variety of materials.

Endless stainless steel vs plastic belts in food applications

The non-corrosive and rust-resistant properties of stainless steel have made it essential in the preparation, delivery and storage of food. Stainless steel is a standard in modern restaurant kitchens and for other utensils in food applications since it is easily cleaned and dried. The surface of stainless steel resists oxidation at high temperatures and it tolerates very low temperatures as well.

Tackling corrosion in urea processes

An interview with Mr. Kirk Ofei from Stamicarbon, who enjoys working on challenging and interesting projects that test his intelligence and qualifications and increase his knowledge.

Actuated ball valve

Built to withstand harsh environments, high pressures and corrosive conditions, Dwyer Instruments' Series BV2C actuated ball valve is a tough, versatile valve mounted to a pneumatic, spring-return actuator.