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Titanium helps prevent chromium carbides in austenitic stainless steel

Alloying austenitic stainless steel with strong carbide-forming elements such as titanium can avoid the precipitation of chromium carbides. By Sabine Friederichs, Technical University of Clausthal,...

New chromium-free alloy for welders

Gerald Frankel and John Lippold, professors of materials science and engineering at Ohio State, determined that while all stainless steels contain chromium, the consumable alloy that joins stainless steel parts together does not have to contain the metal. The result of this decision is a new alloy

Stainless demand still weak

According to Meps orders on the stainless mills continue to fall despite massive production cuts. Suppliers of raw materials - nickel, chromium, molybdenum and scrap - have all reduced their selling prices in an effort to stimulate the market but to no avail.

Solving spring cracking

Sandvik Materials Technology's duplex stainless steel grade, Sandvik SAF 2205, is being used for wire springs in electrical contact systems on railway locomotives.

Long-term support for leisure flumes

Early in 2002, Advanced Metals International supplied super duplex steel AMINOX R 255 strands to replace corroded Type 316 strands used to support flumes in leisure complexes at Clydebank and Dumbarton in Scotland.

Stainless tubes handle higher temperatures

Sandvik Materials Technology has added three new grades to its range of stainless-steel tube and pipe for high-temperature applications.

Exotic materials extend lifecycle

Parker Instrumentation has been selected by EnCana (UK) Limited to supply exotic-material tube fittings for its recently approved Buzzard Project in the central North Sea.

High-temperature tubing

The range of special stainless steel tubes for high temperature service, held in stock by Sandvik Materials Technology, has been extended with the addition of 27 sizes in AISI grade 310S/310H (UNS 31008/S31009).

Tata Steel plans big in mineral business

Tata Steel (India) has said the company will focus on the minerals business and is prospecting for titanium dioxide, a key ingredient for paints and high-grade paper, along the Tamil Nadu coast.

Stainless steel road tanker

Nicrofer 3127 hMo, alloy 31, developed by ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH, opens up new possibilities for the transportation and storage of hazardous substances such as sulphuric or nitric acid.