CEVISA’s secret of its success

CASTELLANOS y ECHEVARRIA (CEVISA) has now held its own on the market for more than five decades as a beveling machine manufacturer and prescribes the best sales figures.

Cevisa launches CHP 30G portable milling machine

Cevisa is constant evolution with the introduction of new machine models. The research and development department is constantly working to introduce new machines or...

CEVISA launches CHP 60G INV bevelling machine

The Spanish company Castellanos y Echevarria - Vitoria, S.A. continues the development of its chamfering program with the commercialization of its new CHP 60 G INV bevelling machine.

CEVISA continues innovating the “J-bevel”

Vitoria SA, a company based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, has been offering industrial weld preparation solutions since 1969. The production is dedicated to the niche of chamfering solutions for sectors such as construction, boiler construction, shipping and defense industry, energy, and transport under the CEVISA brand.