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Carpenter Tech acquires Oilfield Alloys

Carpenter Technology Corporation has acquired Oilfield Alloys Pte Ltd for USD 4.8 million. Located in Singapore, Oilfield Alloys manufactures and distributes directional drilling equipment to the Asia-Pacific region.

G.O. Carlson appoints VP

Richard G. Santoro, formerly VP of Distribution Sales of Carpenter Technology Corporation, has been elected Executive Vice President of G.O. Carlson, Inc.’s Steel Division, with effect from 9 December.

Stainless rebar for high strength

Carpenter Technology Corporation, through its subsidiary Talley Metals Technology Inc., is now producing several grades of high-strength stainless steel rebar that have been used for concrete reinforcement in a wide range of construction projects where structures require long term resistance to the attack of chlorides from the concrete, road salt and harsh marine environments.

New wire coating from Carpenter

A new wire coating for all heading alloys has been designed to perform with high efficiency, improve heading tool life and eliminate the cost and environmental problems associated with the emission and disposal of nitric acid used in copper cleaning operations.

Carpenter supports preliminary stainless bar rulin

Carpenter Technology Corporation has said that it was pleased by the US Commerce Department's preliminary ruling that stainless steel bar products from five countries were sold in the USA below fair value, triggering duties on their future shipments into the country.

Carpenter fights cheap US imports

Quotas on specialty steel products would be the most effective way to deal with the current pervasive surge in unfairly traded imports, Carpenter Technology Corporation has said.