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BUTTING wins order from Talisman

At the end of 2004 BUTTING received a major order to supply more than 54,000 metres of mechanically bonded BUTTING-Bimetal pipes (BuBi®-pipes) for Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd’s Tweedsmuir project.

Heat-resistant furnace roller

BUTTING has invented the HeRo® (Heat resisting Roller), made of special alloys such as 602 CA, 601 H or 800 H.

BUTTING supplies Oman gas project

BUTTING has supplied about 1840 tons of duplex pipes for the Saih Nihayda Gas project in Oman.

Stainless pipes for Chinese LNG tanker

BUTTING will supply stainless steel pipes for the first LNG tankers to be built by a Chinese shipyard.

First International BuBi® Symposium

During the 1st International BuBi®-Symposium on 13-14 September, BUTTING was pleased to welcome numerous participants from all over the world in Knesebeck, Germany.

Karl Schäfer retires from Butting

An appreciation by Sjef Roymans of Stainless Steel World