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Featured Story – Blockchain traceability will change the way you do...

Tom Meulendijks looks a little tired but happy as he settles into a chair in the Stainless Steel World office. He’s just come from a prospective customer, and when we’re finished talking, home is a three-hour drive away. But when he starts talking it’s clear that despite three years of development, research and fundraising, his energy and enthusiasm for his groundbreaking steel traceability program is undiminished.

Traceability, we need to start somewhere!

These days it’s all about industry 4.0. For some that means digitization, sensors and automation. Others call it the fourth industrial revolution which is about decentralization and local production. But decentralization can also mean decentralized trust. In this article, I want to talk about the true advantages of the digital era as well as the benefits of a new technology called blockchain that provides decentralized trust. Specifically: how this could apply to the steel industry in general.