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Welding consumables for exhaust systems

Although today’s car fuels are very low in sulphur, a certain amount of sulphur dioxide remains present in the exhaust gases.

No corrosion after 12 years for stainless

A carefully drilled 1mm hole in the rear mid-frame of a 12 year-old Duple 425 coach, has provided evidence of the zero-corrosion performance of a high-performance stainless steel.

“Endless” pipe system

FLEXWELL-LPG Piping has produced a flexible, "endless" pipe system for buried automotive LPG piping installations at service stations. The system’s innovative feature is a flexible, "endless" metallic piping system made of stainless steel with simple mechanical joints.

Stainless castings for auto exhaust systems

Cadic Corporation, Yokohama, Japan, has begun production of thin-wall stainless steel castings at their new facility located in Japan using the Convert Mold Process.

Nippon Steel and Timet to co-operate

Nippon Steel Corp. and Titanium Metals Corp. (Timet) have reached an agreement to mutually co-operate in the market development and sale of titanium alloy for automobile suspension springs in Japan.

India: fall in demand for steel and alloys

A sharp fall in demand from the automobile industry and a steep rise in power costs have led to the closure of over 150 small steel units across India.