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Recycling of critical metals for AM defence projects

6K Additive describes converting high-value metal scrap to high-performance metal powders using a unique plasma production system.

ESA launches first metal 3D printer at ISS

European-made metal 3D printer set for International Space Station deployment.

Eplus3D launches EP-M400S metal AM

Eplus3D unveils EP-M400S metal additive manufacturing, offering multiple laser configurations & advanced features for efficiency.

Oil & gas: a flourishing sector that is innovating

The Oil & Gas sector is flourishing, with many projects underway and many innovations, such as 3D Printing, taking place.

RISE and Sandvik Coromant enter partnership in AM

RISE and Sandvik Coromant enter partnership in AM

Machine learning software accurately predicts material performance

Senvol recently demonstrated a machine learning approach to material allowables development that was shown to be more flexible, cost-effective, and time-effective than the conventional approach.

Firms using 3D printing expect to grow to USD 100bn

Firms using 3D printing expect to grow to USD 100bn

Development and Certification for the additive manufacturing of stainless steel

3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has rapidly revolutionized the production processes with various materials.

Outokumpu enters a metal powder business in Krefeld

Outokumpu is entering a new business by starting to produce metal powder at the company’s mill in Krefeld, Germany. The metal powder production further...

Printing a stainless steel dragon

Not only do they have their use in highly technical applications; sometimes these structures can take the shape of beautiful art.