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The International Space Station

European Space Agency launches metal 3D printing in space

The European Space Agency sent a metal 3D printer developed by Airbus Defence & Space to the International Space Station
The Airbus A380 flight test platform will put hydrogen combustion technology to the test. © AIRBUS S.A.S. 2022

Titanium and civil aviation: turbulence ahead

Addressing the challenge of hydrogen embrittlement in metallurgy
AP&C with Airbus to provide Titanium powders

AP&C with Airbus to provide Titanium powders

AP&C has announced that it has signed a new agreement with Airbus to provide Titanium powders (Ti-6AI-4V) for use in metal additive manufacturing applications....
Airbus put on hold its plan to remodel the A380

Airbus put on hold its plan to remodel the A380

Airbus SE has put on hold its plan to remodel the A380 wide-body assembly line in Toulouse, France, into a "digitally enabled" line for assembling its A321 narrow-body jet.
Robust screws fix the titanium plate to the clamping mechanism before it rotates through 180° for the sawing operation.

Airbus 3D printing utilises cutting edge saw technology

To save time and costs during the production of aircraft components, Airbus Helicopters, headquartered in Donauwörth in Bavaria, recently turned to additive manufacturing. After manufacturing titanium components in the 3D printer, the next step is to separate them from their baseplate. The company uses a fully automatic bandsaw specially designed for use in the world of generative manufacturing.
Airbus signs deal for 430 aircraft

Airbus signs deal for 430 aircraft

Airbus and Phoenix-based Indigo Partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the purchase of 430 A320neo aircraft.

Airbus awards Aequs A320neo contract

Airbus has recently contracted Aequs Aerospace, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aequs Private Limited, to supply over 100,000 titanium machined parts for the A320neo (new engine option) programme, as a further boost to the ‘Make in India’ programme.

Magellan Aerospace secures Airbus contracts

Magellan Aerospace has recently declared a contract extension between Magellan Aerospace (UK) Limited and Airbus for the supply of aluminium and titanium structural wing components from Magellan UK’s facilities located throughout Europe and its joint ventures in India.

Alcoa to supply metal parts for Airbus

Alcoa, Lightweight metals leader, has recently entered into an agreement with Airbus to supply 3D-printed titanium fuselage and engine pylon components for Airbus commercial aircraft.

Ducommun receives contract from Airbus

Ducommun Incorporated, providers of innovative manufacturing solutions to customers in the aerospace, defence and industrial markets, has recently received a contract from Airbus to produce titanium structures for engine support on the A320neo aircraft (new engine option).