Tag: AI

Alleima with KPMG introduce Alleima Guru

For over a century, Alleima has amassed nearly 60,000 research reports, invaluable but challenging to manage.

SMART-APP utilises AI for improvements in AM

£600K SMART-APP project: MPI partners with AM Solutions & AMFG for efficient AM production, using predictive models for resource efficiency.

Application of artificial intelligence in predicting corrosion rates for selective corrosion...

Artificial intelligence can help predict corrosion for selective corrosion groups in refineries and petrochemical plants

Outokumpu to use robotics in safety management

Outokumpu will start to utilize AI and safety inspection robots to improve and digitize the company’s facilities’ health and safety monitoring.

Leifeld Smart Control: AI for high-quality spun parts

Leifeld Metal Spinning develops spinning and flow-forming machines for chipless metal forming in the automotive, aerospace, machinery, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and food industries

Solving materials challenges with Artificial Intelligence

A new research project named Swedish Metal is being launched by Sandvik, SSAB and the University of Skövde. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and machine learning will allow unique and comprehensive production data analyses to be made. These analyses will hopefully show new cause-and-effect relationships – which can lead to more efficient and sustainable steelmaking processes.