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Spanning the decades: how stainless steel became the material of choice...

James Chater talks about how stainless steels became the material of choice for bridges, and the (dis)advantages of several grades

Dynamic duplex materials: strong and sustainable

Duplex Stainless Steels are becoming more and more indispensible in water management and architecture projects, and 3D printing and WAAM

ESA launches first metal 3D printer at ISS

European-made metal 3D printer set for International Space Station deployment.

Oil & gas: a flourishing sector that is innovating

The Oil & Gas sector is flourishing, with many projects underway and many innovations, such as 3D Printing, taking place.

Firms using 3D printing expect to grow to USD 100bn

Firms using 3D printing expect to grow to USD 100bn

Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo 2023 – Familiar faces, new...

It was a week of big themes at the 13th edition of Stainless Steel World: sustainability, networking, carbon neutrality and of course, doing business.

An in-depth comparison between investment casting and 3D-printing in metal

Investment casting is a versatile method in the aerospace industry, valued for precision and integrity in various metals and alloys.

High-tech additive manufacturing from NZ

A New Zealand company is 3D printing top-tier alloy parts for global industries. RAM3D, achieved remarkable success in a decade.

Industrialising 3D printing

VulcanForms, founded by alumnus and professor for MIT, has created digital production systems to manufacture complex metal parts at scale.

Titanium – a key metal in times of geopolitical risk

Recent events, such as Covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, have challenged the global supply chain and raised geopolitical tensions.