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IMI Critical Engineering focus on additive manufacturing

IMI Critical Engineering further enhanced its additive manufacturing capacity with the installation of a 3D printing machine at its South Korea facility.

Printing a stainless steel dragon

As technology advances, 3D-printed metal structures have found their way into the industry. Not only do they have their use in highly technical applications;...

3D-printed metal oxygen hydrogen micromixer

Joost Kroon, Dennis Boon and Rik van der Meer. Image courtesy of Shell. Shell and GE Additive have metal 3D-printed an oxygen hydrogen micromixer at...

Desktop Metal qualifies IN625 for the Studio System

Desktop Metal, Inc. has qualified the use of IN625 for the Studio System, a turnkey metal 3D printing platform

Metal additive repair of nickel alloy engine components

GE Aviation’s Singapore facility is the first maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility worldwide that has been approved to use metal additive manufacturing for commercial jet engine component repairs.

EOS introduces four new materials for AM

EOS announced the introduction of four new metal materials for additive manufacturing (AM) on the EOS M 290 metal system, including two stainless steels, one tool steel and one nickel alloy.

Metallic 3D printing – big, fast, and cost-efficient

Additive manufacturing is not only suitable for small and filigree structures. Gefertec manufactured a 170kg stainless steel part for the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery at the University of Stuttgart.

AWI sells its exotic nickel alloy wire to 3D printing

Alloy Wire International (AWI) is now selling its Exotic nickel alloy wire to the 3D printing industry as more suppliers tap into the desire for cost-effective rapid production of parts.

Chevron turns to metal additive manufacturing to stay on schedule

During a recent routine maintenance shutdown, extended lead times and supply chain delays on traditionally manufactured parts challenged Chevron’s planned restart schedule. Text & images...

Titanium and civil aviation: turbulence ahead

Addressing the challenge of hydrogen embrittlement in metallurgy