Superior glass bead-blasting with ROTIN®

Glass-bead blasting smoothens stainless steel surfaces and creates an even visual appearance, reducing peaks and valleys at the microscopic level. A very fine surface profile is created, where dirt can only form deposits on the peaks. As adhesive strength is minimal the surface remains cleaner and can be cleaned better. 
The unique design of ROTIN® (ROTating INsert) results in a better, faster and more attractive result than other methods. The rotating insert is placed in the blast nozzle to widen the jet proportionally and causes it to spray at an oblique angle. Because the jet widens equally, it blasts every surface with equal intensity at every angle. The blasting is done at a lower pressure – 3 bar instead of 6 bar – and uses 40/70 glass beads instead of 100/200 beads.
Re-blasting or reworking is no longer necessary thanks to the wider, oblique jet. The surface is blasted neatly and smoothly first time round, with no patches and a finer surface profile than that achieved with standard glass-bead blasting. It eliminates problems with edges, patches or streaks on stainless-steel surfaces, and the roughness complies with the EHEDG standard.
ROTIN®  is ideal for products used in the food industry, pharmaceutical sector, or any application requiring beautifully smooth results. The ROTIN® is produced in the Netherlands, and carefully inspected by Kalfsvel Coating, guaranteeing excellent and consistent quality.
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