Sumitomo Metals receives awards

Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (Sumitomo Metals) and Sumitomo Metals (Naoetsu), Ltd. (Sumikin Noaetsu) have received the 33rd Technical Development Awards from the Japan Institute of Metals for two accomplishments. The first, which was bestowed upon Sumitomo Metals, was for the development of its resource-saving, high-strength electromagnetic steel, SXRC, which contains a tiny amount of niobium. Due to its strength and capacity to prevent deformation or fatigue fracture, SXRC is expected to be adopted to future mainstream hybrid cars and other environmentally friendly vehicles and to contribute to solving global warming and energy problems. The second award, bestowed upon Sumitomo Metals and Sumikin Naoetsu, was for developing austenitic stainless steel, designated NAR-AH-7, which has outstanding heat-resistant and oxidation-resistant properties at the level of 1,000°C with a thin sheet thickness of 0.1 mm. This material contains optimal amounts of chrome and nickel, and rare-earth elements are added so that NAR-AH-7 resists high-temperature, high-humidity combustion exhaust gas, which contributes to high-efficiency small-sized gas thermal power generation.

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