Steeltec relies on ABP induction heating system

Steeltec from Emmenbrücke in Switzerland is increasing its flexibility in steel processing. ABP’s ESS induction heater for bars have been installed there last summer.

The ESS induction heating system, which ABP installed for Steeltec, consists of six coils and has a length of 8 m. The system is equipped with an IGBT multi-converter, which features a total power of 5,400 kW. ABP’s IGBT technology stands for highest efficiency. Its modular design and plug & play modules makes the customer extremely flexible. Its zone control makes it possible to change the temperature curve according to different parameters.

The induction bar heating system is ideal for a variety of processes, such as continuous bar heating or a batch operation. The ESS type enables easy temperature adjustment to be performed for different steel grades while optimizing axial and radial temperature distribution. Driven rollers convey the bars through the induction coils and heat them to rolling temperature. Conveying speed and heater output are continuously adjusted to suit the respective production conditions.

The ESS control system also offers a wide range of functions to optimally adapt the intermediate heating to the rolling process.