Steel mill pressure sensor

American Sensor Technologies has introduced the new AST47SM Series Pressure Sensors designed to perform in the rugged environments of the steel and aluminium industry. The AST47SM sensors are a direct plug-in for steel mill applications including rolling mills, pumps as well as coolant systems. Featuring a one-piece sensing element, the AST47SM Series of Pressure Sensors have no silicone oil, welds or O-rings, eliminating the chance of contamination from outside media. A stainless steel housing welded to the sensing element and cable connection withstands system wash downs. The pressure sensors also feature a stress-reduced diaphragm that withstands high-pressure spikes while a special internal restrictor maintains a high frequency response of ~ 1kHz. Operating over a wide temperature of – 40 to 85C, the AST47SM units provide high accuracy of < +0.25% BFSL, with optional < +0.25% BFSL of FS with calibration data. The units are rated for over 100 million pressure cycles and have 100Vm of EMI/RFI to protect against electrical noise.
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