Stainless reactor for chemicals

The METcell is a stainless steel, high-pressure stirred cell that is suitable for nanofiltration (NF) separations and for reverse osmosis (RO) using aqueous and non-aqueous solvents
All components of the assembled system are pressure rated to 69 bar (1000 psig). The METcell empowers laboratory chemists in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry to perform many tasks: rapid product purification and impurity removal, rapid product concentration, solvent recovery and reuse, separations of two soluble products based on molecular weight difference, solvent exchanges, membrane testing for ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. The METcell can also be used as a lab-scale reactor for catalysis, hydrogenation and bioreactions, and it can be run as a continuous filtration system. It also features a dedicated, pre-assembled MET Gas unit including an isolation valve, vent valve, pressure regulator, pressure relief valve, and pressure gauges to allow safe and simple operation of a high pressure system through connection to a gas cylinder. It also has a connection port for an HPLC pump, allowing charging of solutions into the METcell without opening the cell, particularly useful when solutes are oxygen/moisture sensitive or when continuous operation is required, eg permeate recycle. The METcell and other MET products were on display at ChemSource 2003, part of the ChemSpec Europe Show in Manchester, UK, 4–5 June 2003.

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