SIAD to supply ASU for metallurgical complex in Russia

SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) has been selected to supply an Air Separation Unit (ASU) to an innovative, low environmental impact, metallurgical complex in Russia.

The client’s requirement is therefore to install an ASU in the new plant which is compatible with DRI technology. In this context, SIAD MI was selected for certain essential qualities expressly requested by the client: the advanced technology of its ASUs, its internationally recognized reputation as a reliable contractor, the high performance of its plants and an outstanding experience of successful ASU projects supplied for steel mills.

Thanks to their significant experience in the construction of tailor-made plants, SIAD Mi’s engineers are designing a 17,000 Nm3/h oxygen ASU perfectly in tune with the Carbon-Free philosophy that pervades the entire project; the plant will be able to produce technical gases (oxygen, nitrogen and argon) in liquid and gaseous form, separating them from the air.

The ASU will be designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

It is expected that the ASU at Vyksa will be started up in 2023, thus providing the commissioning of a new steel production complex in 2025.