Schoeller Werk high-performance sawing centre

Schoeller Werk is a manufacturer in this segment and offers its customers a corresponding, fully automatic solution with a high-performance sawing centre. The first interim appraisal of the new facility is most positive. The service is being used by many customers, particularly in the automotive industry. 
Schoeller Werk has once more expanded its capacities on the sawing sector by investing in and commissioning the new high-performance sawing centre. The facility is specially rated to the particular requirements of the automotive industry and is used above all for the production of tubes and fuel pipes made of stainless steel. A tube end machining system integrated with the high-performance sawing centre completes the value chain for Schoeller Werk.
The system is used to process tubes of diameters between eight and ten millimetres. The tubes are cut with a highly productive double cut and then brought to the tube end machining centre. This contains a fully automatic deburring station with defined chamfering of the tube ends. Testing and monitoring are also integrated into the facility, with eight high-resolution cameras performing automated optical inspection of the tube ends.