Sanicro® 35 alloy receives Sandvik Innovation Prize

A new innovative grade, Sanicro® 35 has been developed with a high-performance material that is new to the market. The new versatile corrosion resistant alloy has now been awarded the Sandvik Innovation Prize.

Sanicro 35 has proven to have excellent mechanical properties and high corrosion resistance and is a type of alloy in high demand in several industries. Sandvik Scientific Council announced the Sanicro 35 development team as winners of the Sandvik Innovation prize 2019.

Sanicro 35 has found a white spot on the alloy map and is a super-austenitic material with a reasonably low Nickel content, but with properties that are equal to or surpass those of alloys in the Ni-base realm. This makes the alloy a very cost-efficient alternative to the more highly alloyed alternatives.

The Sandvik Innovation Prize is awarded to one or several employees who have developed the most innovative product or process during the year. The prize was introduced in 2003 and includes prize money and a diploma.