Safer container loading

UPL Systems has developed the Colobra (Container, Loading and Bracing) Concept. Standard dry box containers can be loaded and unloaded up to 30 tons in less than 10 minutes. The container loading of coils, bars, sheets, billets, plates and tubes is a time-consuming and dangerous process. The safety risks and the risk of damaging the goods are very high. The amount of waste material used to secure the cargo is enormous. The Colobra platform, which is an open metal construction, can be loaded up-front, only using nylon straps to fix the goods onto the Colobra. With the help of a standard forklift truck and the Extended Pole, a compact box that contains four wheel sets, the loaded platform can be moved in or out a dry box container. The Colobra concept is designed be used in many different and very flexible logistical ways to move cargo world-wide.

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