The 11th International Conference and Exhibition for Oil and Gas Resources Development of the Russian Arctic and CIS Continental Shelf was hold on 11-13 September in St.-Petersburg. It is held on a biennial basis and brings together government officials, experts from Russian and foreign companies for discussion of the most important aspects of the Arctic and continental shelf offshore development.
Organizers: Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency, Russian Academy of Sciences, Gazprom, Restec exhibition company
RAO/CIS Offshore 2013 is supported by Gazprom, Wintershall, Halliburton, Statoil, Total, Schlumberger, FMC Technologies, Cameron, DNV, Shell and Gazprom Transgaz Spb and Norwegian INSTOK Co.
630 delegates from 21 countries took part in RAO CIS Offshore conference. 210 paper presentations were made at the conference. About 2500 specialists from Russia, Belgium, UK, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Norway, Latvia, Poland, USA, Turkey, Ukraine and Czech Republic visited the exhibition. 
Photo impression
Photos from the CIS Offshore event can be viewed in a FaceBook Album. 
The history of RAO/CIS Offshore dates back to 1993 when the Schtokman, Prirazlomny and Sakhalin projects have been launched. The outstanding Russian scientists and Arctic researchers such as Artur Chilingarov, Rem Vyakhirev, Viktor Orlov, Igor Gramberg, Nikolay Malyshev, Grigoriy Simakov were founders of the conference and exhibition. The initiative was supported by Norwegian, Finnish and American companies.
Saint-Petersburg became the RAO/CIS Offshore venue for many reasons. North-West is the main region, involved in Arctic offshore development. About 7% of oil & gas resources, the leading enterprises, research centers and design bureaus are located here, as well as the largest Russian sea ports.
Most shelf projects, initiated in the 1990s, are already completed. The lights of Sakhalin self-contained platforms were switched on. Construction of the sea ice resistant platform Prirazlomnaya at the Northern machine-building plant in Severodvinsk is nearly completed. The development program for the Stockman gas condensate deposit is being formed using new technological basis. The first in Russian liquefied natural gas plant is built on the Sakhalin Island.
This year event was focused on the exploration and development of deposits on the Arctic and Far Eastern shelf, the regulatory framework, design, construction and operation of offshore systems, industrial and environmental safety in extreme conditions. 
One of the most important topics – the possibilities of effective international cooperation in the Arctic and Far Eastern shelf. 
Business program
The plenary sessions, round-table meetings, exhibition and partners program was hold in Hall 7 of LENEXPO Fairgrounds. 
Plenary sessions
1. International cooperation for the Arctic Development
2. Ways to Increase Eco-Efficiency of the Oil and Gas Projects on the Continental Shelf
Conference topics
The working languages of the conference were English and Russian. The principal topics were:
1. Exploration of hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelfes of Russia and CIS. 
2. Underwater technologies as a key to the hydrocarbon resources of the Arctic shelf (sponser Cameron) 
3. Major projects on exploration of hydrocarbon resources on the shelfes of Russia and CIS countries. 
4. Design, construction and exploration of pipeline syatems on the Artctic shelf. Main challenges (sponser GRP – Grup Servicii Petroliere)  
5. Environmental and industrial safety systems in development of oil and gas resources of Russian shelf. Case study 
6. The current state of regulatory framework for development of oil and gas subsea fields 
7. Works on creation of floating and underwater facilities intended for development of oil and gas resources of the shelf – main trends. 
8. The current state of federal and corporate systems of search-and-rescue works when developing the hydrocarbon resources on the Arctic shelf .
9. Promising R&D projects of young scientists and students. Training of specialists.
10. The current state and development prospects of the LNG production with the regard of the world market’s needs 
RAO/CIS Offshore 2013 Exhibition presents new projects of oil and gas resources development in Russian Arctic and CIS shelf, innovative techniques and technologies of oil and gas exploration, facilities for industrial and environmental safety:
1. Geology 
2. Shipbuilding and marine constructions 
3. Technique and technologies of oil and gas resources development in Arctic conditions and on continental shelf (including pipes, pipelines, pumps, compressors, valves and accessories) 
4. Subsea equipment and pipelines 
5. Industrial and environmental safety, environmental protection; safety equipment and training 
6. Information technologies and software
Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Total, Wintershall, Halliburton, Schlumberger, FMC Technologies, Shell, Statoil, Aker Solutions and about 200 other companies.
For more: https://www.rao-offshore.com/confa/listofparticipants
Over 5600 delegates and 1200 companies from 19 countries have taken part in RAO/CIS Offshore over the years of its existence.
At the exhibition which accompanied the conference many companies presented innovations and new development projects of offshore fields and samples of effective international cooperation in Russian shelf development. For example, Aker Solutions have developed a set of new hi-tech solutions, which already may help field operators to increase efficiency of subsea developments.
• Subsea compressor stations to service any size of gas/condensate fields;
• Subsea separation and process equipment;
• Subsea boosting pumps for oil and injection of water;
• Ultra-long power transfer technologies – new generation of equipment;
• New Integrated heating system as development of standard direct electrical heating; 
RAO/CIS Offshore is supported by the Government of St-Petersburg. In Official Letter to Alexei Kontorovich it is said: “In view of importance and high status of the events they are included to the Official List of Priority Exhibitions, holding with support and participation of Saint-Petersburg Government”. In future it’ll get fedaral status.
RAO/CIS Offshore offers a lot of opportunities and facilities to demonstrate scientific knowledge, technological achievements, to discus new projects and challenges of continental shelf, to participate in business meetings and exchange information, making new business contacts.
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Lena Mikhailova regularly reports on developments within the Russian-speaking countries for Valve World, Stainless Steel World and Pump Engineer. She can be reached on: mihailova_elena@mail.ru
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