Nordex introduces N117/2400 turbine

Nordex has added the N117/2400 wind turbine to its Gamma Generation of turbines. The new turbine was designed specifically for light wind sites, creating new power generating potential for locations across the USA. The company will debut the N117/2400 for the US market at Windpower in Anaheim, California from May 2011. The new turbine will increase America’s wind potential by turning many light wind sites into feasible power producing areas. The N117 has a nominal output of 2.4MW, a rotor diameter of 117m and a rotor sweep of 10,751sq/m; it is the highest-yielding IEC 3 turbine in its class. At a traditional site it can realize a capacity of more than 3500 full-load hours, outperforming other turbines in this category by up to 20%. This translates into a capacity factor of 40%. The turbine can be used in residential areas as the acoustic power level is limited to maximum of 105 decibels. Its hub height on a standard tower of 91m remains below the FAA threshold of 500ft. Nordex will commence production of the N117 at its new US manufacturing plant in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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