New titanium alloy

Aichi Steel Corporation (Japan) has developed a new titanium alloy called ASTA (Aichi Steel Titanium Alloy). The company claims that the new titanium alloy features an unprecedented combination of elasticity and high strength. Applying this newly developed ASTA titanium alloy to eyeglasses gives the frame elasticity, which improves the fit. For golf club use, ASTA provides the face of the club with elasticity, resulting in longer drives. In addition, using ASTA for the coil spring in electrical appliances saves on the number of windings, thus reducing the weight. The possible applications of ASTA include a wide range of areas such as medical equipment and automotive parts. This new titanium alloy comes in two types: ASTA 1 and ASTA 2, with different strengths according to the alloy’s components, shape, and intended use.