New range of adjusters from Nu-Tech

Nu-Tech Engineering Services has introduced a range of patented precision levelling adjusters (PLAs) into the UK market. The PLAs aim to provide an ideal solution for the secure and accurate adjustment, alignment and mounting of motors, machinery, conveyors, robotic, industrial equipment etc. Available in a wide range of sizes and in three materials, zinc chromate treated CroMo Alloy steel and AISI 301 or AISI 316 stainless steel. There are also several options available to enable them to be used for a host of mounting, levelling or tensioning applications. Consisting of a fine-threaded mounting top, located within an internally fine-threaded base, the PLA can be adjusted easily and accurately using a single spanner. Once it is set in the correct position it is only necessary to tighten the mounting bolt to maintain the adjustment under normal load conditions. If a readjustment is required the mounting bolt only needs to be loosened and the PLA set to the new position. Nu-Tech’s PLAs can be used with, or to replace, bolts from M4 to M48 and when used in an application such as the mounting of a motor, the simple method of adjustment means it is quick and easy to level the motor and maintain belt tension. In addition to the standard PLA, there is a special version that uses a locknut, making it ideal for dynamic load applications or as a locator for equipment with a pre-established height adjustment. For applications where the PLA is to be mounted between two surfaces that are not parallel, Nu-Tech can provide either the KAE Ball Head Adjuster or the KAS Ball Shim, both of which can compensate for an angle of up to 4 degrees. The use of a captive ball and cup on these devices means they are simple to use and do not need pre-assembling. The PLA can also be used in applications where it is not only necessary to make vertical adjustments but also slight horizontal adjustments to obtain an accurate setting. This is achieved through the use of the xy-base, which enables small adjustments to be made in two axes and the vertical adjustment remains exactly the same as allowed by the PLA adjuster without the base. It can still be combined with the KAE Ball Head Adjuster or KAS Ball Shim if required to provide both horizontal alignment and vertical adjustment between surfaces that are not parallel.

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