New line of H2S Scrubber assemblies

Advanced Instruments’ has released a complete line of refillable hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scrubbers and sample conditioning systems for preparation of gas streams containing H2S to facilitate the measurement of oxygen and other gases. H2S can be removed from natural gas streams at the wellheads, booster stations, and/or pipelines, in addition to other industrial applications. Specific only to H2S, other components in the gas stream are not affected. H2S scrubber tubes range from 1.0in to 2.5in in diameter, and 6.0in to 24in in length, and can be supplied in stainless steel or clear polycarbonate allowing a clear view of its contents. Inlet and outlet pipe fittings are 1/4in stainless steel. Maximum allowable pressure is 30PSIG, and maximum temperature is 130F. The consumable media life is based on the sample flowrate, media volume, and H2S concentration. As an indicator, when the scrubber is nearing the end of its useful life the media changes color from purple to eventually white as it is consumed. Using a 1.5in x 12in H2S scrubber with 0.01% (100PPM) H2S present, at 1/3 SCFH (150sccm) the approximate life of the consumable media is 368 days. The dual H2S sample conditioning system includes a coalescing filter, two 2in x 24in SS scrubbers, two smaller polycarbonate scrubbers 1in x 6in serving as indicators alerting the technician when one scrubber tube has been consumed, and a 3-way stainless steel valve switching between scrubbers.
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