New flap disc improves stainless performance

Norton’s new TwinFiber(TM) Type 29 flap disc combines the two most advanced abrasives, premium ceramic seeded-gel and zirconia alumina abrasives, to achieve higher productivity on stainless and carbon steels. The blending of the two premium abrasives onto a Y-weight cotton backing produces a flap disc that works with less pressure and outlasts flap discs made with any single premium abrasive type. Using less pressure extends the disc life and lowers total grinding or finish cost. The Type 29 angled face and conical shape maximises the contact of the work surface and allows operators to grind at a 10-degree angle versus the 15-degree angle normally used with a straight flap disc. The reduction in grinding angle allows the operator to aggressively finish more work in less time, reduces the chance of gouging and uses more of the disc’s abrasive surface. The new Norton TwinFiber discs are available in 4 1/2-inch and 7-inch diameters with quick mount hubs.

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