New couplings from Lovejoy

A new design of Jaw In-Shear elastomeric couplings from Lovejoy Inc., designated JIS 6-Pin, improves the no-tools elastomeric element locking system, adds six larger sizes extending maximum bore up to 9â€?, and introduces a JIS spacer-type series intended as non-lubricated, drop-in replacements for grid spacer couplings. New JIS 6-Pin couplings are named for Lovejoy’s patent-pending next-generation mechanism for locking the elastomeric element in place. The element, moulded as a wrap-around strip, positions elastomeric cushions to span the shear-plane between the jaws of driving and driven hubs. A wide, flat stainless steel locking ring slides on over the strip to hold it in place. Six tooth-like pins extending inward around both sides of the ring, three per side, keep the ring straddled over the elastomeric strip. Three crosswise grooves moulded into the strip around its perimeter provide passageways for the pins as the ring slides on. When the installed ring is rotated a few degrees, the pins latch behind small bumps moulded along one side of the strip, which prevent unintended return rotation of the ring.
Made of Type 347 cast stainless steel, the new JIS 6-Pin ring can team up with Lovejoy’s stainless steel jaw hubs to provide a totally stainless coupling for applications that require high moisture/corrosion resistance. Lovejoy offers stainless steel hubs produced by either investment casting or sintered powder, with savings ranging from 50–90% over the previous manufacturing process of machined bar stock hubs, and with immediate availability.

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