Metal strip coating breakthrough

Sandvik Material Technology has developed a new process that eliminates the usual drawbacks of commonly used metal coating procedures, such as electrolysis and anodizing. Sandvik Santronic™ for electronic components industry and Sandvik Decorex™ for design applications are ecologically friendly coating processes with absolutely no impact on the environment with recyclable resulting materials. This process allows improved yield and increased productivity during production and on the assembly line. With 12 patents pending, it allows a continuous production flow of coated stainless steel strip for various applications in a number of areas: Santronic: contact electronic components, energy production, solar panels, naval industry, nuclear industry, clean rooms. Decorex: architecture, design – household appliances, mobile phones, laptops, luxury packaging, interior decoration, etc. Tests are currently carried out to check other potential applications (e.g. fuel cells), due to the possibility to deposit elementary materials in multiple layers in a very precise manner, generating no waste.
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