J&L Specialty commissions NOx removal system

J&L Specialty Steel has successfully commissioned a new NOx control system. The low temperature oxidation NOx control system – BOC’s LoTOx™ NOx removal system — has already helped J&L surpass projected performance targets for NOx removal from their stainless steel pickling operation, allowing them to reduce NOx emissions by more than 95%. J&L was able to instal the LoTOx System with minimal capital outlay. BOC used J&L’s existing scrubbers and folded the system capitalisation into their existing argon/oxygen supply scheme. The system included the ozone generator, system controls, analytical instruments and oxidation reactor. The LoTOx System uses ozone as the oxidising agent, which selectively oxidises relatively insoluble NOx to higher oxides of nitrogen. These higher oxides are readily soluble and easily removed in a wet scrubber. The system, which can be installed as a stand-alone or retrofit design, provides sufficient residence time under maximum load conditions to allow complete reaction of the ozone. The system’s small and adaptable footprint, as well as its ability to produce ozone on demand, provides customers with optimal control of the installation to maximise NOx control and minimise capital and operating costs.

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