Innovative cooling system release at Nucore Group

Nucore Group has recently completed an innovative cooling system prioritizing low load starting current, designed for continuous and ad-hoc use on limited capacity power sources.

This direct expansion (DX) cooling system can typically be run from emergency back-up battery power, or in environments where renewable energy generation is the primary source of power. The Nucore Group designed system can be universally applied where climate control and operating temperatures are vital for ongoing operations in environments where power consumption is critical. The system is designed for harsh external environments and suitable for use in marine atmospheres with an external operating temperature of up to +50°C.

It has been designed for ease of use and maintenance and can be supplied in standard catalog enclosure sizes, facilitating integration into common floor plans, equipment room layouts and in IP-rated weatherproof housings if required. Maintenance points are convenient, and components are readily available to ensure maintenance downtime can be minimized.