Harald Pihl books largest single order

Harald Pihl Germany has booked the largest single order in the company’s history. Managing director Ingo Stiebe reports that a framework agreement in a special material has been booked.

“The order volume is 500 tonnes of sheet metal in a special material that is produced especially for our customer and has special properties. I successfully introduced this material to the customer years ago and through constant and joint further development with the client, today this special steel is used in series production”.

The client produces special machines for the cleaning and disinfection industry. A special feature is the increased strength and the adapted alloy concept compared to standard stainless steel. This means that sometimes immense alloy surcharges do not occur and at the same time the customer can reduce the wall thickness with the same stiffness.

The challenge is just in sequence delivery from the warehouse directly to the factory. “For this purpose, a new logistics concept was developed with a partner, whereby delivery can be guaranteed within 90 minutes can be guaranteed”.

Ingo Stiebe is pleased with the milestone order and sees the changes initiated at Harald Pihl confirmed. “We have taken a different path and will continue to do so through diligence, courage, and energy”.