Hamilton Precision Metals growth opportunities in Asia

Hamilton Precision Metals, one of six businesses within AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, is a producer of rolled strip and foil. Hamilton re-rolls a wide range of alloys and specialty metals to some of the tightest tolerances and thinnest gages in the industry; from 1.5mm (.060�) to 1.5 microns (.000060�) in thickness.

At the InterWeighing 2018 trade show in China earlier this year, Hamilton promoted its particular expertise in rolling precision resistor alloy foil used to manufacture strain gages for load cells and other strain-sensing devices. Hamilton sees a growing demand for its specialty product range in Asia, generally, and in China, specifically.

At InterWeighing, Hamilton Precision Metals promoted in particular its Evanohm® R product, a unique nickel-based alloy. Evanohm® R contains chromium (20.0%), aluminum (2.8%), copper (2.0%), silicon (1.0%), manganese (.90%) and zirconium (.08%). Evanohm® R is available from Hamilton as foil and strip product in thicknesses from.0005â€? to.010â€? and in widths up to 12.0â€? maximum. It is available in foil as thin as.000080â€? in widths of 4.0â€? maximum.

Constantan, another of Hamilton’s specialty metal alloys is used extensively for foil resistors and strain gages. Constantan, a copper-nickel alloy, contains specific minor amounts of additional elements to achieve precise values for its temperature coefficient of resistivity.

Strain gages for the pharmaceutical industry represent only one of the many markets Hamilton serves. Within the medical sector, it has more than a decade of experience supplying metal-forming companies that make the hermetic shields and cans for the leading pacemaker, drug-infusion pump and electronic implant manufacturers around the world.

For the aerospace sector, Hamilton rolls.0001″ to.0004″ (.0025mm to.01mm) thick precision brazing foil used in the production of jet engine fan blades and housings.

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