Going full steam ahead into training at BUTTING!

The BUTTING family of employees continues to grow. Managing Director Thomas Schüller welcomed all 35 new trainees at the induction event on the factory premises in Knesebeck at the beginning of August.

It was full steam ahead the recent week when trainees from 10 different training occupations kicked off this year’s team week. In small groups, there were rounds of introductions involving trainees and training officers as well as the works council and the youth and trainee representatives. Thomas Schüller proudly showed the junior staff a workpiece from his early years as a trainee at BUTTING.

The first task involved designing team posters. On the days that followed in this team week, more presentations were prepared and a rally was started. In teams, they got to know BUTTING and its production as well as each other more intensively.

Lined up in front of the family business’ trademark, all trainees from the occupational groups gathered for a group photo on the first day. Afterwards, they were invited to have a snack with the trainers.