Fonon announces three major technology updates

Fonon Corporation has recently made three major hardware technology updates to its laser cutting systems.  Direct Drive Motion System advancements, CleanCut technology, and adaptive thin-to-thick laser beam shaping benefit businesses.

Fonon’s Direct Drive Motion System uses direct drive linear motion technology, effectively levitating the cutting head smoothly and quickly across the working surface area. “It’s the same technology the U.S. Navy is testing to launch fighter jets from an aircraft carrier,â€? said Jay Schlegel, vice president of Fonon Corporation. “The Titan FX’s direct drive magnetic motion system allows for smoother motion, higher acceleration speed of the cutting head, less stress and vibration on the carriage frame, a lower system weight, and decreased maintenance requirements.  There simply are no ball screws, belts or gears to deteriorate or break down.â€?

CleanCut technology, the second advancement introduced by Fonon, is a technology improving the precision and slimness of the laser beam itself. CleanCut technology reduces or eliminates the Heat Affected Zone by producing a beam narrower.

Built to take advantage of Fonon’s deep understanding of the reflective characteristics of any given material when it reaches the temperature at which it transitions from a solid to a liquid or gas, Adaptive Beam Shaping provides economical operation, superior edge quality on thick plate, and high-speed cutting of thin material.

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