Expanite chose an alternative for hard chrome plating!

With more than 20% of the turnover coming from hard chrome replacement projects, Expanite, the Danish pioneer within surface hardening of stainless steel, is on its way to position itself as the most used alternatives for hard chrome plating. 
Finding a replacement for hard chrome plating can be challenging, and with EU regulations lowering the limit value for hexavalent chromium, across the industrial markets, need to find alternatives. Hard chrome plating has been “the standards”; to improve resistance towards wear and corrosion for stainless steel components-and as new solutions are required, Expanite’s hardening technologies have documented its effectiveness within automotive, pumps, valves and food processing equipment markets.
Unlike a hard chrome coating, where the electrolyte used during processing may contain hexavalent chromium ions (Cr6+), which are hazardous to human health and are environmentally harmful, the Expanite treatments involve only nitrogen and carbon atoms. This makes Expanite an environmentally friendly and sustainable process. Expanite effectively removes the native oxide film covering stainless steels during the first steps of the gas process without adding any aggressive chemicals, and this allows controlled diffusion of carbon and nitrogen atoms in the underlying steel hereafter.
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