ESAB’s new Savage A50 welding helmet

ESAB introduced the advanced Savage A50 LUX model to its full line of welding helmets. The new automatic helmet includes premium features found on ESAB’s Sentinel™ helmet, such as the HALO™ headgear and advanced OpTCS™ true-color viewing at a flawless EN 1/1/1/1 optical level. In addition, it boasts a number of exclusive new features, like an integrated work light, redesigned shell, quick-release front lens and simplified auto-darkening filter (ADF) user interface. The lightweight and comfortable Savage A50 LUX meets the wants and needs of any operator and is competitively priced.
The new Savage 50 LUX welding helmet features an exclusively designed molded lens recessed in the helmet shell, reducing scratches and damage when laying the helmet on its front. In the event of outer lens replacement, the helmet is developed with a new quick-release design that is easy to access, for fast replacement. The unique attachment system uses shaped ridges to grasp the lens with thumb and finger and simply press the right side of the lens to easily pop off. The new lens just slides into the left side and clicks into place.
The large 9.3-sq.-in. (60 cm) viewing lens has perfect optics at the highest EN 1/1/1/1 level eliminating the potential for obscured or distorted viewing. Its second generation OpTCS™ True-Color ADF technology, broadening color intake across a flatter spectrum, reduces eye fatigue and allows the operator to see the heat-affected zone and weld puddle with absolute clarity, essential when bead placement is critical. With a large, unrestricted shade level range of 5-13, this helmet offers more options than others in its class. A total of 9 different shade levels covers every shade needed for welding and cutting, from oxy-fuel and plasma cutting to low-amperage TIG to high-amperage welding with large electrodes. It also provides a low, passive state shade 3 ADF level for clear weld inspection.

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