ESAB launches SquareCut Technology

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched SquareCut Technology to further improve the productivity of automated plasma cutting operations.

SquareCut Technology works with ESAB’s Columbus® CAD/CAM software, Vision T5 CNC, the DMX 5-axis beveller and iSeries high-precision power source. It works at cutting outputs from 100 to 400 amps when cutting mild steel plate from 0.25- to 1.5-in. thick. SquareCut integrates all bevel compensations into the CNC. The technology simplifies making square cuts and allows any fine tuning to be done quickly and easily at the machine.

In addition, SquareCut Technology further improves ESAB’s Enhanced Hole Technology by using the tilting capability of the DMX to improve hole cylindricity. A “bolt-ready” hole can eliminate post-cut drilling or reaming. With SquareCut, some holes can be cut even smaller than a 1:1 diameter-to-thickness ratio.

SquareCut Technology is complemented by ESAB’s SmartBevel Technology that includes beveling data and all geometric compensations necessary to cut V, X, Y, and K bevels on mild steel from 0.25 to 2-in. thick.