ESAB launches new series of B3 SC electrodes and fluxes

To expand its line of filler metals for chrome-molybdenum weldments in the refinery, petrochemical, power generation and pressure vessel applications, ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has introduced its new series of B3 SC electrodes and fluxes for SMAW and SAW for 2.25% Cr 1% Mo alloyed steels, SA-387 Grade 22, A335 Grade P22 and similar materials.

The new B3 SC filler metals feature modernized formulations designed for applications that require high toughness also in the post-weld heat treated as well as after step cooling treatment. The weld metal is also designed for increased rupture resistance at high service temperatures. Filler metal chemistry is carefully controlled so that weldments have a maximum X-bar (Bruscato Factor) of 10, resulting from a very low level of impurity elements to reduce susceptibility to temper embrittlement.

Further, its hermetically sealed VacPac™ and BlockPac™ packaging guarantees additional moisture protection for SMAW electrodes and SAW fluxes, thus eliminating the need for redrying on the customer site.

The new filler materials include SMAW electrodes; SAW; Wires; Flux; and Weld metal.

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