ESAB introduces Exaton 19.9.Nb HF

ESAB has introduced Exaton 19.9.Nb HF, classified as an AWS A5.9: ER347 as well as an EN ISO 14343-A S 19 9 Nb, is a 300 series austenitic steel submerged arc welding wire with niobium and high ferrite to further increase weld deposit mechanical properties at elevated temperature. It is ideal for stainless steel applications on pressure vessels and other thick plate applications requiring multiple passes.

Exaton 19.9.Nb HF has a FN deLong of 13%, a FN as per WRC-92 of 12 and a nominal niobium composition of 0.7%.

Exaton 19.9 Nb HF is available in 2.4 mm and 3.2 mm diameters, in 25 kg spools and 280 kg drums. Its recommended flux is Exaton 15W, however Exaton 19.9.Nb HF can also be used in combination with other fluxes.