Enhanced locking head

PANDUIT™ Ltd has launched a new stainless steel tie design, resulting in what the manufacturers believe is the world’s highest rated loop tensile strength : tie width ratio. The new locking head construction means the ties now boast a loop tensile strength ratio of 890N : 4.6mm / 1112N : 6.4mm / 2000N : 7.9mm, representing an increase of 80-100% on the closest market equivalents. Engineered for the most extreme applications, the ball-locking ties will endure the toughest outdoor, indoor and even buried conditions and carry an estimated outdoor service life of 40 years, ensuring ROI is achieved. The increased strength provides an extra margin of safety. Furthermore, the fully rounded edges and smooth surfaces mean the ties do not damage cables or cause injury during installation or maintenance. The new design also features a unique self-locking mechanism with a low thread force, so installation is quick, secure and effortless. The self-locking ties are water-, UV-, chemical- and radiation-resistant, making them ideal for applications in harsh environments such as oil & gas and petrochemical or any domain exposed to severe environmental conditions. The ties are also non-flammable and fully tested to withstand temperatures from -80ºc to 538º C.

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