Duplex World Virtual Conference; 3 afternoons, 3 themes

Did you know that Duplex World Virtual Conference 2021 will run over three afternoons (1-3 June), each with a different theme?
  • 1 June: Manufacturing Duplex. “Duplex stainless steels are different, not difficult” is the premise of the first session. Speakers will show how a thorough understanding of duplex metallurgy, as well as using the appropriate software tools and manufacturing utilities, assures flawless production and high-quality products. In ‘Processing for optimal performance’, manufacturing experts address processing parameters and the underlying metallurgical mechanisms to obtain optimal mechanical and corrosion properties. We close the afternoon with ‘Ferrite measurements: Historical techniques with new possibilities!’ for an overview of old and completely new methods for ferrite measurement.
  • 2 June: Welding & Additive Manufacturing of Duplexes first addresses how the interaction of alloying elements and welding parameters offers a variety of exciting effects on microstructure and weld integrity of duplex stainless steels. Next is additive manufacturing, where opportunities and drawbacks for AM duplex components are discussed. Can we consider them to be ‘better than wrought’ as often advertised? Several case studies look at the formation and impact of oxygen-based inclusions in AM super duplex; Laser metal deposition for repair of super duplex; Microstructural & corrosion studies of super duplex produced via AM; and Microstructure and mechanical properties of AM super duplex. The day finishes with an interactive welding & special treatments session, plus time to pose questions to Dr Duplex.
  • 3 June: Duplex applications, begins with a session explaining how duplexes can be a reliable and economical choice in many process applications when correctly used within their boundary limits. ‘Success stories’ focuses on some key applications relating to lifecycle costing and other advantages of using duplex. This will be a great opportunity for industry experts to listen, discuss and learn how to save costs by using more duplex.
Read the full program and register at www.stainless-steel-world-duplex.com.
Duplex Virtual Conference 2021
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