Duplex World Update collection of technical papers

The Duplex World Update collections of technical articles are an exciting new service for the global duplex stainless steel community…and they’re completely free! The series promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience across the global materials community, and Nr 1 also includes the Call for Papers for the 2022 Duplex World conference. The authors include some of the world’s leading material specialists, producers, and end-users from a wide range of industries and applications. The contents provide a valuable source of up-to-date information for all those interested in duplex stainless steels and will include lean, super and hyper duplexes.

Distributed as a free digital PDF, the first issue can be downloaded here.

Contents of Duplex World Update #1:

  • CALL FOR PAPERS for Duplex World Seminar & Summit 2022
  • The performance of duplex stainless steels in caustic soda.
  • Lasers for production optimisation of rolling products.
  • Achieving ASTM G48 corrosion test at 40°C on super duplex.
  • Experimenting with welding super duplex without filler metal.
  • Continual improvement: duplex stainless steels prosper with better formability.
  • Formula to convert Rockwell & Vickers hardness scales for duplex stainless steels