Dr Muro shares aspects on manufacturing tools by LMD

Dr Maider Muro (researcher from AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre) has presented the work “Manufacture of forming tools with subcutaneous cooling circuits by laser cladding”, which includes part of the work carried out within the SUSIE research project.

In her presentation, Dr Muro has shared some key factors regarding the manufacturing of a subcutaneous refrigeration system by means of Laser Metal Deposition (LMD technology).

In this context, AZTERLANŽs researcher has shared the “successful integration through laser deposition technologies of a 316L stainless steel, a 1.2311 tool steel and a coated wear-resistant 1.2344 steel”. This experience has been carried out giving an important boost to the objectives set in this ambitious collaborative research effort.

This is a fundamental aspect to achieve the integration of intelligent sensors in tool surfaces and areas of difficult access through additive manufacturing technologies. “Developing solutions to the problems associated with heat dissipation during the integration process and during the life service of manufacturing tools is a key step to integrate functional and reliable wiring and sensors into these demanding working environments”.