Pol.Ugaldeguren, 3 Parcela 20 - Nave 3 E-48170 Zamudio Bizkaia Spain
Pol.Ugaldeguren, 3 Parcela 20 - Nave 3 E-48170 Zamudio Bizkaia Euskadi 48170

Lovere was founded in 1992, with the aim of distribution special Steels for power production market. In 2006 moved to its current location, where has a 260 m2 warehouse available for massive storage, and 300 m2 for offices. During las years it has specialized in high temperature and special steels for valves, pumps, fluid equipment (heat exchangers, boilers..) manufacture industry.

Rolled and forged materials are available under European and American standards. 

We hold ISO 9001:2008 certification. 

We have available in stock materials such as A 105N, A 350LF2, A182F11cl.2, A182F22cl.3, A 276 T410, A182F6acl.2,A 416, A 420, A182F91, A182F347, A 182 F316L,A 182 F304L, A 182 F304H,A 182 F321 and Special Stainless steels Duplex, Superduplex and Ferralium. 

The range of sizes goes from diameters of 80mm to 750mm and all our material is made in EEC.

Petrochemical, Mining, Onshore, Agriculture / Fertiliser, Offshore, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Nuclear, Power Generation, Oil & Gas