Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals

No 1899,Zhongxing Road Wuxing District,Huzhou,Zhejiang 313028 China
No 1899,Zhongxing Road Wuxing District,Huzhou,Zhejiang 313028 Zhejiang Sheng

Jiuli, established in 1987, is a world’s leading manufacturer of Welded and Seamless Pipes & Tubes in Stainless, (Super) Duplex, Nickel Alloys and Titanium Grades, including OCTG, Flow line, Gathering line, Lined/Claded Pipes, Process Pipes, Heat transfer/cooler tubes, Furnace/Boiler Tubes, Instrumentation tubing which are supplied to Oil, Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Water treatment, Power span from Up to Down.

1Jiuli’s highly-automated heat exchanger tube plant offers ultra-long length tube of up to 110 m.

2Located in Huzhou City, JIULI is one of the largest producers of duplex pipes and tubes in the world.

3A 28” cold pilgering machine for seamless pipe is specialized for furnace tube production including clad and lined pipe plant.